Sphene 1
First Appearance: Vol. 1, Ch. 1
Status: Active
Race: Gem
Age: Unknown (over 1102 years old)
Hardness: 5 to 5.5
Family: The other Gems
Occupation: Artisan
Teammate: Topaz (former)

Peridot (current)

Sphene is one of the Gems, they are in charge of crafting. They are currently partnered with Peridot. Formerly paired with Topaz before the last winter delay. One of the elder gems.


They have a yellow color scheme and wear the Winter or Summer uniform depending on the season. They also wear the standard black loafers but no gloves nor socks. Their hair is long and styled into three loose braids.


They have a sweet, calm personality. They are very dedicated to their craftwork.


Sphene was mostly a background character for most of the series, occasionally being seen or taking part in activities with other Gems:

  • Phosphophyllite asked them about their work while compiling the encyclopedia that they were assigned with.
  • They joined the other Gems in pulling out the shell from pond, collecting Phosphophyllite's fragments, and searching for Phos when they were lost at sea.
  • They went into Winter Hibernation with the other Gems.
  • They collected the Shiro clones along with the other Gems.

Later in the story when Phos was partnered with Cairngorm, Sphene teamed up with them and encountered a new type of Moon Person. The resulting fight ended badly for Sphene and they had to be rescued from the vessel that captured them.

Character Profiles

Vol 8:

  • Team Sexy, famed for having a scary face when immersed in their work.


When asked by Phos about something new for them to put in the natural encyclopedia, they answered that they don't know anything that the Gems didn't use. They wanted to fix the chair before patrol and ask Phos help to hold it instead.

They mourned their former partner, Topaz, until they were able to put it behind them and move on with Peridot.

Like how other Gems treated each other, it can be assumed that they have a nice relationship with their other siblings and also like and trust Sensei .

Gem Info

  • Mineral : Nesosilicate
  • Chemistry : CaTiSiO5
  • Color : Reddish brown, gray, yellow, green or red.

Sphene, also called titanite, is a calcium titanium nesosilicate mineral. Trace impurities of iron or aluminium are typically present. Also commonly present are rare earth metals including cerium and yttrium.

Sphene is a source of titane dioxide TiO2, used in pigments. As a gemstone, titanite is usually some shade of chartreuse,, but can be brown or black. Hue depends on Fe content, with low Fe content causing green and yellow colours, and high Fe content causing black or brown hue.

Jewelry use of sphene is limited, both because the stone is uncommon and is relatively soft.


  • Based on Ichikawa Haruko's illustration, they should be teammates with Red Beryl during patrol duty, but they are with Peridot instead.