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Shiro / しろ
Shiro anime
First Appearance: Vol. 4, Ch. 24
Status: Passed On
Race: Moon People
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown

Shiro is a special type of Moon Person who appears in chapter 24 of the manga and episode 10 of the anime.


In their full form, Shiro is a towering Moon Person that was so large, a single sunspot was not enough to let him through. Instead, he needed multiple sunspots to let his arms come out and stretch the main sunspot that allowed his whole body to go through. Shiro is a muscular humanoid with six arms in addition to a pair of legs. His face has three pairs of eyes in addition to a single larger one at his forehead. He also has a mouth that doesn't open but has two sets of fangs protruding out. In the anime, Shiro has a pastel pink or yellow color scheme just like other Moon People. He is covered in light fur and wears a pink sash and pants. He has a very fluffy, almost cloudy tail that also acts as a halo around his back. His arms are adorned with golden bands and his fingers have tough, black nails that can stop the Gems' blades.

When Shiro is cut, his body will split into copies rather than dispersing like normal Moon People do. He has been split multiple times, with each iteration producing smaller copies of Shiro with a different appearance. When he was split in two, each copy had four arms instead of six. One copy had two pairs of eyes while the other had two large eyes (one in the middle of his face and another where the mouth should be). The former copy was split again into three by Bort.

When all these copies were fiercely cut down by Alexandrite and split even further, they reformed into small harmless puppies numbering a total of 108. These puppies have the same colored fur as the full sized Shiro. They have differing number of eyes, some have one while others have up to four. When gathered together, the puppies reform back into the full-sized Shiro.


Shiro initially appears as a menacing enemy of the Gems. He chases them down and attacks them, even managing to cause Diamond to shatter, though it is unknown what he would have done with them afterwards and whether or not he would have taken them back to the Moon. When Shiro was cut down and split into puppies, they became more friendly and harmless, simply wandering around and acting playfully as puppies usually do.

After Shiro reformed back into full size, his menacing behavior returned as well. He resumed attacking the Gems until Kongo-sensei showed up. After that Shiro became more tame, obeying Kongo's commands and acting more like a loyal companion. He stopped attacking the Gems, even allowing them to sleep on his fur.


After Phosphophyllite becomes stronger, they partner up with Bort for the first time. On their first day of patrol together, a double sunspot appears, one imposed over the other. A large clawed hand reaches out from one of the sunspots but appears to be stuck. Not waiting for the enemy to fully appear, Bort strikes first and cuts down the hand. Immediately afterwards, more sunspots open up and shoot out more arms which grab Bort. Some of the arms stretch the original sunspot, allowing Shiro to emerge. After failing to defeat him, Bort retreats back to the school with Phos, where they ring the school's bell six times to alert the other Gems to stand by. They plan to lure Shiro to Kongo-sensei but they lose track of the large creature, which has vanished into the school somewhere.

Inside the school, Shiro finds Diamond alone and they both engage in battle. Diamond manages to cut Shiro in half but is heavily damaged in the process. Bort finds them just as Shiro reforms into two copies. Bort attacks them and throws one down the stairs while splitting the other into four copies. Phos and Alexandrite meet the one who fell down the stairs. Phos holds him back while begging Alex picks up their sword and attacks. The sight of a Moon Person causes Alex to go into a battle frenzy in which they easily cut down the Shiro copy. Phos sees Bort falling down while battling the four copies and uses their gold arms to lasso the copies toward Alex, who easily cuts them down as well before collapsing. All the cut pieces reform into small harmless-looking puppies, catching Bort and Phos off guard and allowing the puppies to escape.

Most the Gems spend the rest of the day catching all the puppies, which number a total of 107. The Gems put the puppies in a makeshift cage, unintentionally allowing them to reform into a full-sized Shiro (minus a hand). Phos uses their gold to make a fake Gem person in order to lure Shiro to Kongo but is grabbed by Shiro's tail and trapped by sinking into Shiro's thick fur. At that moment, Kongo-sensei appears and both he and Shiro seems surprised to see each other. Shiro charges at him, but then stops and puts his paw in Kongo's hand. From that point on, Shiro acts obediently towards Kongo and follows his commands. Kongo notices Shiro's missing hand and asks him what happened to it. Phos, who is still trapped in Shiro's fur, overhears this and realizes that Kongo and this strange Moon Person are somehow related to each other.

Later that night, Phos goes to meet Cinnabar and sees them with the last puppy clone of Shiro, formed when Bort first cut his hand from the sunspot. Phos confides with Cinnabar about their thoughts that Kongo may have some secret with the Moon People. Cinnabar reveals that they already know about that, and further reveals that all the other Gems know about that as well, but has chosen to believe in Kongo no matter what. Cinnabar states that they themselves have not made up their mind and asks what Phos will choose.

Phos returns to the school with the last puppy and finds Kongo and the other Gems sleeping together with Shiro. The puppy fuses back into Shiro as his hand and the creature gives Kongo, who has awakened, a final embrace before vanishing into light. Phos asks Kongo if he has returned to the Moon, but Kongo instead says that he has found peace.


Shiro seems to have a deep relationship with Kongo, behaving obediently and following the latter's commands.


  • Shiro was split into a total of 108 puppies, which is considered a sacred number in many Eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. 108 is a very divisible number with many factors, making it an auspicious number. It is often the number of beads strung in a prayer bead, and similarly the number of times a chant may be repeated in prayers or rituals.