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Padparadscha / パパラチア

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Padpar 1

First Appearance: Vol. 5, Ch. 29
Status: Active
Race: Gem
Age: Unknown (around same age as Yellow Diamond, ~3700)
Hardness: 9
Family: The other Gems
Occupation: Unknown, likely a Fighter
Teammate: Rutile (former)

Paparadscha (パパラチア, Paparachia) is one of the Gems who was mainly on patrol duty. They were born with an incomplete torso, which leaves them unconscious most of the time. They are the partner of Rutile, who works continuously to devise replacements for their missing parts in order to cure them of their unstable condition. Rutile has not yet achieved this and has only managed to keep them awake and active for short amounts of time.


Padparadscha has a pink-red color scheme and wears either the Winter or Summer uniform depending on the season. They also wear standard black shoes and gray thigh-highs, which are very loose on the right leg. Their hair is ankle-length, full and very curly.

Their abdomen and chest possesses many holes, which need to be filled with other gem pieces for them to function. When they are awake, they keep their shirt open, exposing their 'defective' torso.


They are very easygoing, friendly, and calm. They have a strong sense of humor. There are some hints that they know more than they let on. They wish for Rutile to give up on trying to save them.

They seem to show sympathy towards Phos, as the two share similarities in their body composition.


  • After Rutile and Phosphophyllite found rubies and placed it in Padparadscha's body, they suddenly woke up for the first time after 231 years. Shortly while conversing with Phos, they again lost conciousness.
  • They were taken to the moon by Phos in hopes that they could make Rutile's job a lot easier. Rutile does not take this as a good sign.
  • On the Moon, Aechmea used synthesised Padparadscha to fill up their holes, and they wake up again, in better condition than ever before. However, they seem conflicted about it when talking to Phos.


They seem very close with Rutile, who obsessively crafts pieces to fill in Padparadscha's missing components. Padparadscha is growing concerned about how this obsession affects Rutile's health, and is considering telling them to stop working on them.

Despite losing a large quantity of their memory, Phosphophyllite remembered them well and believes that they're cool. It can be assumed that in Phos' first century, they were somewhat close and admired Padparadscha.

Like with the other Gems, it can be assumed that Padparadscha has a nice relationship with their other siblings and also likes and trust their sensei. They seem to be respected as an elder by the younger gems.

Gem Info

  • Mineral: Corundum (Aluminium oxide)
  • Chemistry: Al2O3
  • Color: Orange-pink

Padparadscha is a certain type of rare pink-colored sapphire. Sapphire in turn is a variety of the mineral corundum, a crystalline form of aluminium oxide. Corundum is a naturally transparent mineral, however impurities cause it to be dyed certain colors. Red colored corundum are known as ruby, while non-red variants are called sapphire.

Padparadscha itself is a delicate light to medium toned pink-orange to orange-pink hue, named from the Sinhalese for 'lotus blossom'. It is an extremely rare gem found in Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and parts of East Africa. The rarest of all is the totally natural variety that has no sign of artificial treatment. The name 'Padparadscha' itself is derived from the Sanskrit "padma ranga" (padma = lotus; ranga = color), a color akin to the lotus flower.

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  • They're voiced by Romi Park in the anime adaptation.
  • Ruby and sapphire were used to fill Padparadscha's chest cavities as they are made of the same base mineral.
  • They are known as the second strongest after Bort.