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  • I live in Asia
  • I was born on April 1
  • I am Female
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  • Hi.

    I'm not the one who originally created the Houseki no Kuni wiki, but I was the first to contribute to it last year. Unfortunately I've been very busy since and thus haven't been able to work on it.

    I've seen all the changes you've made recently and it's amazing! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It's really good to see the wiki finally being filled up with information and it's actually very much like I always imagined it.

    There are some grammatical errors, but don't worry about that. I will go through everything and fix the grammar and then the wiki will be perfect.

    So again, welcome to the wiki and thanks for everything you've done.

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    • Hello, thank you for your kind message.

      Currently I'm in long break from work so I'm really bored. I always worry about the grammar, so I'll appreciate if you can fix it (in your spare time). Thank you again for your message ^^

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