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In a mysterious future timeline, a new life form called Gems inhabit a world destroyed by six meteors, leaving only a beach surrounded by ocean. The 28 active Gems must fight back against the deadly Lunarians who seek to turn the Gems into decorations. All Gems are assigned a specific role to play in their community, such as fighter, medic, weapon-smith, etc.

Though they hope to fight the Lunarians, Phosphophyllite, or Phos, is a Gem who is given no assignment due to their lack of any skills until the leader of the Gems, Kongo Sensei, asks them to make a natural history encyclopedia. Phos attempts to find a more exciting job than their currently assigned one, but ends up getting in over their head.


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Yellow Diamond is one of the Gems who mainly participate in patrol duty. They are everyone's elder, and one of the fastest, if not the fastest gem. Yellow is shown to have low self-esteem and possible self-loathing for constantly letting their partners be taken by the Lunarians, and also questions why they bother fighting anymore.

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