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Not to be confused with the new Goshenite.

Goshenite / ゴーシェナイト
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First Appearance: Vol. 1, Ch. 1
Status: Taken by the Moon People
Nickname: Gōshe / ゴーシェ
Race: Gem
Age: Unknown
Hardness: 7.5
Family: The other Gems
Occupation: Fighter
Teammate: Morganite

Goshenite (ゴーシェナイト, 'Gōshenaito) is one of the Gems who mainly does patrol duty. They tend to follow their partner Morganite, even though sometimes they are too reckless.


Goshe has silver-white color scheme and wears either the winter or summer uniform depending on the season. They also wears the standard black shoes but no gloves nor socks. Their back hair is cut very short and their bangs are long.


They're very kind and gentle. While their partner tends to tease Phosphophyllite, they usually treat them with kindness instead. Despite this, they lend Phos their blade on one occasion, only in an attempt to inform them of the dangers of fighting.

They use a masculine first-person pronoun boku (僕).

 Character Profiles

Vol. 2:

  • They always have a furrowed brow, and they're very gentle.


  • Goshenite doubted, but still followed, Morganite who wanted to handle the 'small' sunspot of the Moon People. After they find out that it's a 'new model' which used Heliodor fragments as a weapon, Goshe and Morganite decided to take back all Heliodor's pieces. They ended up getting shattered instead and got yelled by sensei.
  • They helped Phos start their natural history encyclopedia by suggesting them a lot of things. In the end they recommend Cinnabar to Phos.
  • They joined the other Gems in pulling out the shell from pond, collecting Phosphophyllite's fragments, and searching for them when they were lost in the sea.
  • They joined the winter hibernation like the other Gems.
  • Goshe and the other Gems collected the "Shiro" parts together.
  • They and Morganite had been taken to the moon shortly after Phos began their 102 year rest. Gems similar in appearance replaced them.


Goshe generously helped Phos with their work, though only goes as far as giving suggestions. Yet when Diamond took Phos the slug to Morga and Goshe, Goshe said that Phos the slug looks happy enough (to be slug).

Like how other Gems treated each other, it can be assumed that Goshenite has nice relationship with their other siblings and also likes and trusts their sensei.

Gem Info

  • Mineral: Beryl
  • Chemistry: Be3Al2SiO6
  • Color: White, colorless

Colorless beryl is called goshenite. The name originates from Goshen, Massachusetts, where it was originally discovered. Since all these color varieties are caused by impurities and pure beryl is colorless, it might be tempting to assume that goshenite is the purest variety of beryl. However, there are several elements that can act as inhibitors to color in beryl and so this assumption may not always be true.

The name goshenite has been said to be on its way to extinction and yet it is still commonly used in the gemstone markets. Goshenite is found to some extent in almost all beryl localities. In the past, goshenite was used for manufacturing eyeglasses and lenses owing to its transparency. Nowadays, it is most commonly used for gemstone purposes and also considered as a source of beryllium.

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  • Both Goshenite and Morganite are varieties of beryl, hence why they are partnered.
  • They're voiced by Saori Hayami in the 2017 anime adaptation.