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Ghost Quartz
Ghost Quartz1
First Appearance: Vol. 5, Ch. 32
Status: Taken by the Moon People
Nickname: Ghost / ゴースト
Race: Gem
Age: Younger than 1,102 (younger than Diamond)
Hardness: 7
Family: The other Gems
Occupation: Patrol
Sanatorium Manager
Teammate: Cairngorm (Former)
Lapis Lazuli (Former)
Phosphophyllite (Former)

Ghost Quartz is one of the Gems, they work as a librarian and take part in patrol duty. They are also in charge of the long-term recovery facilities located on the fourth floor.


Ghost has a white color scheme and wears either a winter or summer uniform depending on the season. They also wear standard black shoes and bobby socks, but no gloves. Their hair is short with a side-part that covers their left eye. There are two long locks of hair on either side of their head that reach down to their thighs.

Ghost's weapon of choice is a scythe.


Quiet and calm, Ghost is very insecure about themself, thinking that their fallen partner, Lapis, was much better than them. Ghost was born with a multi-layered structure, meaning that two personalities inhabit their body, the other later being named Cairngorm, who is very different from Ghost. Ghost describes the other personality as violent and brash, but they both equally respected and followed Lapis.


  • They joined the winter hibernation like the other Gems.
  • They tried to help Phos get all the books they wanted from the library.
  • When three sunspots were spotted together, they joined Kongo-sensei and Phosphophyllite in handling one of them. When the sunspot balled up into a cloud, they recklessly climbed on top of it, allowing the Moon People to shatter and collect them, though Kongo-sensei managed to disperse the Moon People and save Ghost.
  • They temporaily teamed up with Phos, but got taken to the moon after their first fight.


Lapis Lazuli was Ghost's former teammate. The library was put into Ghost's responsibility after Lapis was taken by the Moon People -- leaving only their head.

They think that the new Phos acts a lot like Lapis and idolizes them for this reason.

They also have a deep relationship with Cairngorm, the Gem they formed over and share a body with. Despite the extreme differences in their personalities, they still respected each other, as Cairngorm made good on their promise to Ghost to look after Phosphophyllite.

Gem Info 

  • Mineral: Oxide
  • Chemistry: SiO2
  • Color: Colorless

Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz, or "rock crystal", that forms over pre-existing crystals. The included crystal is visible due to some variation in composition making the boundary of the included crystal visible. Such crystals display the outlines of numerous smaller crystals, known as phantoms.




  • Ghost Quartz has not had any spoken lines in the 2017 anime so far.
  • They have only appeared once as a cameo in the anime as they are considered a side cast member in the first season, along with Peridot, Sphene, Watermelon Tourmaline and Hemimorphite.
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