Convallarius / コンウァラリウス
First appearance Vol. 10, Ch. 76 (true form)
Status Deceased
Nickname The Ruler / 王
Race Admirabilis
Age Unknown
Family Aculeatus (Descendant), Ventricosus (Descendant)
Occupation Former Leader of the Admirabilis
Voice Actors
Japanese NA
English NA

Convallarius (コンウァラリウス) is the ruler of the Admirabilis and the sea two generations before Ventricosus.


Her appearance is very similar to her descendant Ventricosus with a long dress covering the jelleyfish-like tentacles that makes up her lower half of her true form. Additionally she also wears the same headdress as Ventricousus. However unlike her descendants dress, which is silly smooth and pattern-less, Convallarius' dress is patterned with vertical rows of holes on all sides. It is unknown what color she is.

Since the dress is similar in size and shape to other known King's of the Admirabilis, it is safe to assume that all rulers of the species wear the same attire, but are able to modify it to their liking.

Due to the famine, King Convallarius' dress and tentacles appear to be beaten and tattered.


Not much is known about Convallarius personality-wise, but it is apparent that her leadership skills were invaluable, as the Admirabilis would've likely gone extinct if she didn't make the decision to seek help from the descendants of spirit.


  • After all resources had depleted, and a wave of madness swept the species, the Admirabilis were on the brink of extinctions.
  • 50 prior to the beginning of the story, Convallarius begged the Lunarians to take them to the moon, where they could eat the synthetic food they made and avoid staving to death.
  • The leader of the Lunarians, Aechmea, agreed, and the majority of the species has lived there ever since.
  • Her descendants two generations later would decided that they'd rather live on Earth, and plotted to escape using a Gem as bait.
  • It is unknown why Convallarius did not tell her descendants that they came to the moon of their own free will.


Other than her pact with the Lunarian leader Aechmea to migrate all Admirabilis to the moon, her only known relationships are that with her descendants Ventricosus and her brother Aculeatus. Who decided to escape the moon back to Earth years later.


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