Spirit, Flesh, Bone is the eighth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Phos is stunned at Ventricosus' true form, which is similar to the gems. Phos seems to not know much about gender, they question Ventricosus' chest. Phos wonders about why she and the gems have similar features, Ventricosus dodges the question but gives up after Phos comes up with stupid guesses. She tells Phos the legend of the humans who were split into soul, flesh, and bone. She explains that her kind, the 'flesh' are mortal, but the bone and soul were immortal. Phos is surprised that the tale is similar to the one the gems posses. They wonder why the moon people, having the same origins, hunt the gems. They both arrive at their destination, which appears to be pretty empty. Phos collapses from exhaustion and lays down, Ventricosus says that she has someone dear to her as Cinnabar is to Phos. She asks for forgivness before arrows come down to shoot Phos. Ventricosus states "This is an exchange, for Aculeatus"

Characters Introduced