Ocean is the eighth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


The chapter begins in the morning with Euclase asking Rutile for permission to enter the pond in order to continue looking for the documents that fell in there during the snail incident. Rutile searches for some anti-salt resin for Euclase so their skin powder doesn't wash off. In the meantime, Euclase reflects on how things have been peaceful lately. Rutile mentions the two sunspots that were seen in a single day. Euclase recounts that in the 2173 years they know, the average amount is once every three days. They wonder if something has changed.

Rutile is unable to find the anti-salt resin. Just then, Red Beryl arrives in search of a missing new uniform that they were working on. The three catch Phosphophyllite with both items, preparing to go underwater with Ventricosus. Kongo-sensei denies Phos permission to do so, telling them to finish documenting the hills first.

Dejected, Phos wonders how long that would take to complete. They notice Ventricosus making funny noises before going silent, scaring Phos into thinking they had died. Ventricosus immediately wakes up, saying that they dozed off due to a lack of energy. Phos reveals that they are not sure what death is, and Ventricosus explains the concept to them. The Admirabilis also repeats their homesickness for the ocean and mentions that there were people like the Gems there. Despite being told not to, Phos takes Ventricosus back into the ocean anyway.

While underwater, Ventricosus asks Phos if they will be alright as they are especially fragile and the ocean tides could tear them apart. Phos recounts the promise they made to Cinnabar and states that they have no choice but to keep moving forward. Phos asks Ventricosus if the people like the Gems in the ocean also experience death. Phos looks and is surprised to see Ventricosus suddenly transformed into a human form. Ventricosus answers Phos question with a yes, stating that her kind is mere flesh that rots away and leaves nothing behind. She beckons Phosphophyllite to continue with her into the ocean.

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