Ventricosus is the seventh chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Kongo is told about what happened while they were meditating/ sleeping. Phos is annoyed by the slug who claims to be Ventricosus, the great ruler of the Admirabilis. She explains that most of the Admirabilis were taken by the moon people. The other Gems think Phos is crazy for talking to a slug. Ventricosus tells Phos that it's all thanks to Cinnabar that Phos was saved. Phos tells her how important Cinnabar is to them. Phos tells Kongo about Ventricosus, and asks them why Cinnabar does patrol duty. Kongo explains that it was Cinnabar's idea, they couldn't be useful otherwise. Ventricosus asks Phos to come with her to the ocean (not permanently) and they accept.

Characters Introduced