Extract is the sixth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


While Cinnabar is patrolling at night, they see a sparkle far away. They reaches out their poison to attack but they see that it's only Diamond. Dia calls for Phos, who has wandered off. Dia explains that Phos has been transformed into a slug. Dia questions them if Phos had admitted to being in love with Cinnabar, because of the way they were talking about them. Cinnabar denies Dia's idea and snaps at Dia for turning everything into a love story. Cinnabar explains that snails eat rocks to strengthen their shells, and that the slug isn't Phos. Dia rushes back and has everyone help get parts of Phos from the shell. After Phos is put back together by Rutile, they lunge out at the slug trying to seize it. Phos argues with the creature and seems to understand the slug, but none of the other gems have Phos' unusual ability.

Characters Introduced