Scene is the forty first chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Cairngorm is seen placing the powder on for the first time, Rutile suggesting not to place any on their arm as it still needs to be accepted by the rest of Cairngorm's body. Rutile accidentally drops the rest of the powder on Cairngorm however, and it's revealed that hibernation has been delayed as the weather has not grown colder. Cairngorm leaves to join with Phosphophyllite, who in turn run into Peridot, Sphene, Watermelon Tourmaline, and Hemimorphite. Peridot and Sphene speak of how the last time winter was delayed like this, they both lost their partners (Blue Zoisite and Topaz) and how the two were partnered together afterwards. Both speak of loss, mourning, and eventually acceptance.

Peridot and Sphene thank the rest of them for their lost partners to be brought up in remembrance, before leaving to their post. However they swiftly come back to report a double sunspot. Phos tells Hemimorphite and Watermelon to get Sensei and other Gems while the rest of them deal with the double sunspot.

As the two leave, the four of them are left with the double sunspot, which hovers close to the ground before opening and revealing a room. The room is bare except for a table, a stool, a window, curtains, and a board game. The Gems comment how they have never seen anything like it, and attempt to figure out what it is before the portal like object closes into a circle with a dot in the middle. The sunspot appears to vanish, but small objects drop from the disappearing circle.

Sphene bends down to inspect it, remarking "Topaz" before the object explodes. The game pieces are revealed to be small beings, snapping off pieces of the Gems and taking them back into the sunspot pieces that have remained (resembling small clouds).

Characters introduced

  • Blue Zoisite
  • Topaz

Characters in Chapter

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