Shiro is the twenty eighth chapter of Haruko

Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Phos finds Cinnabar holding Bort's shoes and a piece of the lunarian. Cinnabar gives them to Phos and wonders if they belong to Borts, which Phos replies that they belong to Sensei. Phos tells Cinnabar that they suspect Sensei is hiding something about the lunarians, and Cinnabar replies that all of them know that he hides something,and they all decided to trust Sensei no matter what happens. Cinnabar then asks Phos, "And you? What are you going to do?" and leaves. Phos, not knowing what to do, breaks, making the alloy cover their body. The lunarian then starts running to the temple, and Phos follows it. When Phos arrives in the temple, they see all gems peacefuly sleeping on Shiro. Phos tries to start speaking to Sensei, but they hallucinate with Antarcticite telling them to keep quiet, making Phos notice that Antarc knew about Sensei too. Shiro then wakes up, and goes to sit next to Sensei, and after being touched by him, peacefully disappears. Phos asks Sensei if the lunarian went back to the Moon, to which he replies that "No,it seems that it has found peace". They have a small chat about being teamed up with Bort,and Phos says that everyone should be teamed with them atleast once. Phos decides that the only choice they have to learn the truth about the lunarians is to ask the lunarians themselves.

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