Cry is the twenty sixth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Dia tells Bort to run, but they decide to stay and fight. Bort slashes one lunarian but the other one escapes. Phos and Alex see the escaped lunarian come in front of them. Phos tries fighting the lunarian but they can't reach their weapon, they tell Alex to cut it down but they say that they aren't allowed to look at lunarians. They give in and pick up the weapon, Alex's hair turns colors and they cut the lunarian into several pieces. Phos notices Bort having trouble with the other lunarian parts, takes them, and leaves Alex to cut them apart once more. The parts of the lunarian come up to form again, but forms into cute and harmless for-legged animal things. They bounce onto Phos and Bort, who can't bring themselves to cut them down, and they run away. They all split up and run up to the different gems. They have all of the gems help collect the unknown lunarian animals and puts all of them into a cage, but they formulate into the big lunarian again. Sensei notices and awakens from his slumber.

Characters Introduced