Changed is the twenty second chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Phos greets Cinnabar and tells them that they are making progress on finding a job for them. Phos seems to remember who Cinnabar is. Some of the Gems talk to Phos and apologize for playing with them. When they mention that Kongo-sensei is asleep, Phos tells them that he stayed up for the nights they couldn't sleep. Phos is allowed to go to patrol, they meet up with the Amethysts and show off their new skills for them by fighting the sunspot. At night, Phos tells Alex about the sunspot, they comment about how much Phos has changed. Jade comes and talks to Phos about morning patrol, Rutile comes to examine Phos' hands, and since people keep coming up to them, Phos asks for the next person to come, but is surprised to see that it's Bort. Bort asks Phos to pair up with them.

Characters Introduced


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