Spring is the twenty-first chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Phos notices Rutile's reaction, and Phos says that they are in a mess. At the assembly, Kongo-sensei explains to the gems that Phos succeeded Antarc's winter job after they were stolen. Everyone is startled, and even more startled after Phos uses their alloy. Phos explains how Antarc was captured, but the gems are too captivated on Phos' alloy changing shape. Phos notices them being scared, and they explain why their arms are different, and try to appeal to them by changing them into flowers. Phos has their legs covered up in powder by Rutile when they realize that it is weird to have different body parts. The gems want to play with Phos' arms, they also remark that Phos is taller. Phos runs away and is confronted by Bort who asks is Phos is satisfied with being stronger, Phos isn't. Bort turns out also wanting to mess with Phos' alloy, they escape. Phos is on the ground reaching up to Kongo-sensei trying to get protection. He remarks on how popular Phos is, he tells the gems to get in line if they want to mess with Phos. Phos runs outside and sees Cinnabar.

Characters Introduced