Winter's End is the twentieth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Phos has cut their hair, and seems to be taller, Phos has a completely different personality. They notice a sunspot and go back to tell Kongo-sensei, effortlessly shielding the arrows with their controlled alloy arms. He comes out and allows Phos to fight the sunspot, Phos uses the alloy at their heels to move them to the sunspot. They defeat the sunspot easily. Phos almost gets hit by one last arrow, but Kongo protects them. Phos is startled and their alloy softens, Kongo catches them and tells Phos to that they need to maintain balance. Kongo insists that Phos should stop working for the day, but Phos wants to keep working so that they can 'report to Antarc'. Phos regrets throwing their weapon and wishes they reached out with their alloy instead. Phos comes back to the school and talks to the only piece of Antarc that they could recover. Phos says that they don't sleep because they get nightmares from losing Antarc. Phos witnesses Antarc arising from the bowl and cracking, they wake up and Kongo is there to console Phos. Phos has tears of alloy, crying is unheard of between the gems, Kongo says that it is a flaw from an ancient species. The gems wake up from hibernation, everyone is tired from sleeping, but they are awakened when Phos tells them that they lost Antarc. Everyone is surprised at Phos' transformation. Rutile asks Phos to find Cinnabar, Phos asks who Cinnabar is, Phos forgot.

Characters Introduced