New Hands is the nineteenth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Antarc comes out from the snow, still able to move. They have lost many parts of them but still have a enough to support themselves. The sunspot was defeated, Antarc hears Phos whining. Antarc notices that Phos is stuck in the alloy, which is now a cube shape with openings. Antarc tries to get Phos out, Phos says that they are happy that Antarc is okay. Suddenly, an arrow comes down and shoots Antarc in their neck. Antarc tells Phos to take care of the winter for them. Phos struggles after being consumed by the alloy, they helplessly watch the moon people collect Antarc's shards. Phos then scolds the alloy and it moves for them, blooming into a big flower- like pattern, it is unharmed by the arrows. The alloy changes form and takes off one of the moon people's heads. It breaks shards of off Phos from the inside, alloy tears also come from Phos' eyes. Phos runs to the sunspot to attack, their alloy shifting into a more arm- like shape, they jump up to the sunspot but have to deflect the arrows with the alloy, falling afterwards. Phos is running to the escaping sunspot as fast as they can, they use their alloyto get themselves higher, Phos is frantic and throws their weapon, it misses. They fall, unable to do anything about the sunspot has escaped. Kongo- Sensei catches Phos, he tells Phos that it was his fault.

Characters Introduced