The Shore of Nascency is the seventeenth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Antarc goes into the water and frantically tries to find Phos' arms, they are gone. Antarc takes the blame, Phos doesn't want them to, but Kongo-sensei accepts it. He says that they will need to go to the Shore of Nascency to find Phos new arms, Phos forgets what it is so Kongo explains that it is the place where all of the gems are born. They arrive at the place, where there is a cliff- like structure. A gem- like thing comes out, but it falls and is inanimate. Antarc explains that it is rare for the minerals that come out to actually be complete like the gems. They clear the snow with one fell swoop. There is only metal alloy on the ground, Antarc sticks them on as Phos' arms. The alloy branches out uncontrollably.

Characters Introduced


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