Hibernation is the fifteenth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


The gems prepare for winter hibernation, since winter doesn't have much light to keep them energized. Phos isn't tired this winter. They wonder why Antarcticite can do so much despite being around the same hardness as Phos. Rutile explains that Antarc is stronger when it is colder. After everyone goes to sleep, Antarc comes and greets Kongo-sensei. Antarc hugs Kongo-sensei and Phos peeks out from a pillar. Kongo says that it's okay for Phos to tag along with winter duty since they are awake anyways, but Antarc finds problems with that. Phos shows Antarc their speed, Phos says that they are frustrated because they weren't blamed for not running when they needed to. They want to stay up for winter as a punishment. Phos barely follows Antarc through the snow. They finally arrive at the ice floes, Phos reacts at one that is a pattern resembling ones the moon people.

Characters Introduced

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