Yellow Diamond is the twelfth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Yellow Diamond is running from a flurry of arrows from a sunspot, Kongo-sensei and others arrive to dispel the sunspot. Zircon, Yellow's partner, jumps above them to save them from an arrow, and seems glad to do it. Rutile remarks that Zircon is smart and minimized the damage, even though they are the second youngest (after Phos). Yellow says that Zircon is stupid for trying to save her, because all of their past partners were captured. Yellow notices that Phos is gone, and searches around for them, they ask Dia and Bort to help them since the moon people don't come when it rains. Yellow finds Phos in the swamp, Phos' legs are too fast and they can't stop where they want them to. Yellow asks Phos to run at them, and they pick Phos up and places them accidentally on a rock, Phos breaks. They both go and report to Kongo-sensei, Phos can control her legs now, and they are happy about it. Phos asks Kongo-sensei if they can fight, he offers them their lightest blade, Phos has a hard time picking it up. Kongo asks Phos why they want to fight even though they know that they are bad at it, Phos answers that they love sensei and want to help, it is the same for everyone else but Rutile and Yellow are embarrassed about it. Kongo says that Phos can accompany the Amethysts on patrol. He asks Phos to give a report on the ocean, but they lost most of their memories regarding it. They remember that the ocean was wide and big, and they remember the word "human", sensei jolts and breaks the table.

Characters Introduced