New Legs is the eleventh chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Cinnabar drags Phos and the other things that came with them into the school. Everyone is exhausted after looking for Phos, Rutile returns back to the school and trips on part of Aculeatus' shell. Rutile and several others try to fix Phos without telling Kongo-sensei, he madly stomps down the hall and they run away. He scolds Phos and takes their job away from them, even though they never actually liked it, they are still sad about it. Rutile turns the shell spikes into legs for Phos, which don't move at first. Phos forgets who Jade is due to loosing the memories in their legs. Phos is on a stool outside, trying to get their legs to move, they think about how they are useless and couldn't help Cinnabar. Phos' new legs move, but they are uncontrollably and absurdly fast.

Characters introduced