Homecoming is the tenth chapter of Haruko Ichikawa's manga Land of the Lustrous.


Diamond checks on Phos and finds out they went to the ocean. Since Cinnabar knew where Phos was in the last incident, Dia asks them, but they don't know. Meanwhile, Phos is caught and the moon people haul her up on the sunspot, she is tied but conscious. The moon people want Ventricosus to give them more gems, she resists, but the moon people have a hot weapon. Ventricosus considers giving them Cinnabar, but sees Phos struggling under their bindings, not wanting her to, Ventricosus feels bad and doesn't . The moon people hurt Ventricosus with the weapon, Phos' mouth binding comes off and they shout. Aculeatus wakes up from the giant shell, Phos comments about how cute he is. The moon people iron him and he falls into the ocean, he then attacks the moon people in his true form. Part of Phos' face is broken off. Aculeatus wants to leave as soon as possible, saying that the moon people are flimsy, but also quick and clever. Aculeatus notices Phos who says that they can't come to hate Ventricosus, and they don't care if they were used, as long as Cinnabar was safe. Aculeatus decides to use Phos after their declaration, but Ventricosus stops him. Phos remarks about how great Ventricosus is, and how Phos is still stupid despite being a lot older. Ventricosus says that they wouldn't be any different from the moon people if they used Phos. Phos has returned to the shore near Cinnabar, with parts of Aculeatus' shell. Phos says they still couldn't find a job for Cinnabar.

Characters Introduced

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