• OnionJojo

    New Owner, New Plan

    March 20, 2019 by OnionJojo

    Hello all! I have recently been given ownership rights for this wiki and have some big plans for it in the very near future. First off, I am going to be giving the wiki a massive overhall in design and layout, as it is currently very user unfriendly and difficult to find things easily. Secondly, there are huge chunks of pages missing, such as chapter and volume pages. I intend to work on these two myself, but i'd would appreciate if other proof-read my chapter summaries and give me feedback on design choices. 

    If you would like to help me moderate these changes, please either comment her or DM me on twitter, and I will conduct a short inerview accourdingly!

    Thank you all and I promise to make this wiki as beautiful as the series it archives! …

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  • Halooshka


    October 11, 2018 by Halooshka

    Is no one gonna add Sphalerite to the gems which were taken to the moon befor the start of the series?!

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  • Phantasmagoriia

    Sorry for the long break there, I've been occupied with many other things that needed attending. 

    Anyways, I'm back and hoping to look for some moderators to assist me in the Wiki, as I've come to realize that we do need a bit of TLC on some pages.

    Please reply to this post if you're interested!

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  • Johnnytopsidee

    Chapter 67?

    April 7, 2018 by Johnnytopsidee

    When will chapter 67 be released?

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  • Phantasmagoriia

    Due to my own personal life, I had temporarily disappeared from the Wiki. Anywho, I return.

    Currently my to-do list is a lot of aesthetics, the spoiler template, and enhancing the experience of users here.

    Remember to be kind with your wishes about the wiki, it makes them a lot more fun/tolerable to work on.

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  • Pepoto

    So I was reading the HNK manga and found this page that said that the moon people have abducted an apophyllite i think we should give them a page since they are like pink fluorite and aquamarine

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  • Phantasmagoriia

    As of today, I will be commencing editing daily for a week straight. Whether small or large, I will put my best foot forward and begin to get this Wikia on the right track! My goals are to make sure our information is clear, consice, and understandable. Extending upon this, after reaching out to FANDOM moderators, I will be adopting the Wikia.

    What this means, essentially, is that I will be official owner of the Wiki. And with this, I will lock pages that don't need to be edited after official information is confirmed, prevent anonymous edits to refrain from spam, as well as add pages meant for the anime and it's information.

    I am very glad to be able to take this step for our Wikia, as we've desperately needed it! And I hope that you all wi…

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  • Cubeshell

    please stop

    December 27, 2017 by Cubeshell

    Keep memes to social media, don't add inappropriate image/descriptions to pages.

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  • Tantrumbunny


    January 3, 2016 by Tantrumbunny
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