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Aechmea / エクメア
First appearance Vol.8, Ch. 53
Status Active
Current Location Moon
Nickname Prince (王子, Ōji)
Race Moon Person
Occupation Leader
Voice Actors

Aechmea (エクメア, Ekumea) is the leader of the Lunarians, playing an antagonistic role throughout most of the story, though he is not introduced until later on.


He is presented as a man with light hair and eyes, with a mole under the left eye. His clothing and hairstyle vary and he seems to be able to change them at will without physically doing anything. He first appears dressed in Buddhist-style clothing, similar to the other Lunarians, and has long earlobes. During their dinner with Phos, he wears a Western-style suit, and has shorter earlobes. Later, he appears with an unbuttoned dress shirt, round glasses, and rather prominent rabbit ears.


He has a calm demeanor, but is very wary of the eternal life the Lunarians possess.

He is extremely intent on having Kongo pray for the Lunarians in order to allow them to pass on, viewing the 'eternity with the restless nature of humans' to be a 'terrible curse.' To achieve this, he is prepared to go to great lengths. Over abducting gems and grinding them into dust, he displays no remorse, showing he can be very cruel. Aside from that, he generally behaves politely.

After so long of failing to persuade Kongo, he has become desperate and prone to moping. He appears to have some degree to self-loathing, calling the Lunarians, including himself, 'ghosts of garbage', and being ashamed of his real name, leading Phos to describe him as a 'complex guy.' However, he retains some hope that Phos will save them.

According to other Lunarians, he gets drunk easily.


  • For at least several thousands of years prior to the beginning of the story, he has led the Lunarians as they kidnapped gems and took them to the Moon.
  • He greets Phos when they arrive on the Moon, impressed by their fighting abilities. Phos attacks him, but he immediately regenerates. He shows Phos a piece of artificial Antarcticite, and explains that all the kidnapped gems have been ground to dust and now cover the surface of the Moon.
  • Phos attacks him again, and he disables them. He orders the other Lunarians to glue Phos back together and not to grind them up.
  • He gives Phos a tour of the Moon, showing them the Admirabilis. He changes his appearance and explains the reason behind the Lunarian's attacks to Phos over dinner. When it is over, he expresses his hunch that Phos will save them.
  • When Phos later proposes the gems' betrayal as an attempt to persuade Kongo to pray for the Lunarians, he agrees, on the condition Phos keeps an artificial pearl eye in them so they can be monitored.
  • He makes a 'battle-talk stick' for Semi so that he can talk while on Earth when he is worried about Phos and goes to check on them.
  • He welcomes Phos and the other Gems to the Moon when they arrive.
  • Phos explains Padparascha's condition to him and he repairs them shortly afterward. After talking with the newly awoken Padparadscha, Phos asks Aechmea whether the powder can be rebuilt, allowing the destroyed Gems to return. He replies that he will try, but it may take a very long time.


As their leader, he is obeyed and loved by all Lunarians, as stated by Semi, in a manner similar to the Gems' relationship with Kongo as noted by Phos. They care about him, becoming annoyed at Phos, accusing them of 'torturing' Aechmea with their questions, although he then tells them to stop being rude to their guest. Semi seems to admire them, and is flustered when they accidentally reveal Aechmea's true name to Phos as they know they are ashamed of it. Aechmea sees Semi as a softie.

Phos, although they are currently conspiring with him to betray Sensei, remains very cautious of Aechmea, believing it to be far too early to trust him, and they are aware of their cruel nature. They are confused at first by his desire to pass on, asking why they can just keep living.


  • Aechmea is a genus in the botanical family Bromeliaceae, which includes plants such as pineapples. The name comes from the Greek aichme (αιχμή, meaning 'a spear'), which may refer to the spears the Lunarians use to attack the Gems.

    Aechmea fasciata inflorescence.

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